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EV Truck Solutions & Options

Fitting a diesel truck with an electric or range-extended drivetrain is a relatively straightforward process involving the removal of the engine and gearbox.  There’s no need to modify any other existing vehicle structures or systems.

MAGTEC’s compact and lightweight generator, traction motor and gearbox can usually be accommodated in the space occupied by the gearbox in a conventional transmission. The power electronic controllers for the motor and generator and the energy storage buffer can be fitted in the vehicle chassis without any negative impact on load space or weight.

We will work with your own design team to devise and develop the best approach to installing the new drive system into your vehicles.  Our state-of-the-art facilities in Sheffield are equipped to carry out installation into new vehicles or conversion of existing fleets. For large-scale conversions we work in partnership with a number of specialist vehicle converters.

How it works

Magtec EV truck conversion process

Tailored solutions

In the world of electric and range-extended drivetrain solutions one size certainly doesn’t fit all. We will work with you to determine the optimal solution for your fleet. If appropriate, we’ll also recommend the most appropriate range extension technology (whether hydrogen, diesel or petrol extension) to ensure your repowered vehicles offer the best possible performance.


14 tonne NHS supply truck that operates zero emission in London


An EV installation

Re-power your truck

If you would like us provide you with a detailed quotation, please share some information on the vehicle type, duty cycle and other factors of operation.

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