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We’ve designed, manufactured and built a full electric drive system that’s compatible with all the main chassis manufacturers. The new drivetrain offers 94% efficiency and outputs up to 3000Nm of torque and 200kW power. The fully-integrated unit can be easily bolted onto the chassis of any truck up to 18 tonne.


The drivetrain features a configurable design and is capable of matching the driving performance of existing vehicles.  The full EV drivetrain has a range of up to 260 miles per charge and range-extended versions are also available.

Programme Manager Simon Buckley explains:

“Repowering an existing truck can be as simple as removing the diesel engine and bolting on the new clean electric drivetrain. It’s a cost-effective and environmentally-sound way of giving older vehicles a new lease of life – and of enabling them to continue to operate in urban settings likely to become Clean Air Zones in the near future.”

New CV chassis can also be fitted with the new MAGTEC drivetrain.  Current vehicles powered by MAGTEC include Isuzu, MAN, Iveco and DAF.