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Benefits of EV

A win-win solution

It’s about far more than just the legislation… By fitting an electric or range-extended drivetrain you’ll be benefiting from a range of technological advances that will ensure your fleet performs to its best capacity in a range of key areas.

Cost-effective technology

With a typical pay-back period of only five years, the MAGTEC EV system provides the most cost-effective approach to repowering an existing fleet or powering a new one.

Our leading-edge drivetrain technology offers significant savings in terms of both fuel and maintenance.  An electric drivetrain means no diesel, ad-blue or engine maintenance costs.  In fact, overall maintenance costs will typically be reduced by as much as two-thirds. Brake wear is also reduced and fewer oil changes are required. A MAGTEC electric drivetrain achieves an average traction energy use rate of 0.65 Kw per km compared to diesel usage of 0.25 litre per km. The higher the mileage, the greater the savings.  A complete charge for an electric truck costs between £ and £ and offers a range of up to 260 miles in a typical delivery schedule.

Repowering a vehicle with a range-extended drive system will see any capital outlay recouped through fuel savings within two or three years of operation.  Such vehicles will achieve average fuel savings of 40%.

Prioritising the environment: zero emissions truck with no noise

MAGTEC’s full electric drive system has no tailpipe emissions, uses regenerative braking technology to eliminate the particles emitted by conventional brake pads and operates with almost no noise.

A typical 14 tonne euro 4/5 diesel truck will emit 9 grams of NOx and 0.75 tonne of Co2 per km. With many cities now expanding their clean air and ultra-low emission zones, a MAGTEC electric drivetrain is the very best way of ensuring you can continue to run your trucks in these areas.

HGV deliveries in residential areas are often constrained during night-time and weekend periods, which can lead to peak-hour increases in both traffic and carbon emissions.  Because our electric drivetrains operate almost silently, you’ll be able to make night-time deliveries in areas that would otherwise be off limits.

Increasing overnight deliveries offers a whole range of wider benefits, including reduced congestion, improved road safety and better day-time air quality.

Weight vs Range chart

Performance: high efficiency with impressive range

With its 94% efficiency and lightweight design features a MAGTEC electric drivetrain can rival the driving performance of most existing vehicles.  Our drive systems are available with outputs up to 3000Nm of torque and 200kW power.

MAGTEC batteries are made from lithium iron phosphate and can be charged/discharged thousands of times without memory effect. A complete charge takes four hours and requires a standard three phase connection.

The modular battery pack is scalable and can hold between 60kWh and 200kWh of electrical energy. A typical daily range is between 60 and 150 miles but this is easily extendable by fitting more packs. Even higher mileages are achievable by using one of our range of extender options.